Whose Water Is It?

Mark Davis of the Tulane Institute on Water Resources Law & Policy is my guest on Where the Alligators Roam on KROF AM 960 this Saturday. We’re going to talk about Louisiana’s complex relationship with water.

Mark is the former head of the Coalition to Restore Coastal Louisiana and is a resident of New Orleans, so water issues have figured prominently in his life. The institute was created in 2007 in the wake of Tulane’s recovery from the federal flood in New Orleans in the wake of levee failures following Hurricane Katrina.

The competition for access to and control of water has grown in recent years as the commercial value of water has become more apparent. The Louisiana Law Institute is now working on the creation of a Water Code for Louisiana. Mark is a member of the committee doing that work and we’ll talk about their progress as well.

It’ll be a great conversation — and good radio. I hope you’ll join us at 5 p.m. CDST, Saturday, June 11 on KROF either for the broadcast or on the live stream. The podcast will be available on Monday.


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