Gray Sexton on the State of Ethics Law in Louisiana

Baton Rouge attorney R. Gray Sexton will be the guest on the next edition of Where the Alligators Roam on KROF AM 960 on Saturday, June 18.

For nearly 40 years Sexton was the chief administrator for the Louisiana Ethics Administration, the organization charged with enforcing Louisiana’s Code of Ethics for Elected Officials as well as Louisiana’s Campaign Finance Law. Sexton resigned his position with the Ethics Administration in 2007 after a law was passed which would have required him to reveal the names of his private practice clients. He continued to work for the board in an advisory capacity until  after the Legislature, in Governor Bobby Jindal’s first special session in 2008, passed a series of reforms which Sexton (and others) believed actually undermined ethics enforcement in Louisiana.

Mr. Sexton’s law practice now includes defending those facing charges under the Jindal fools gold ethics standard.

We’ll talk about the evolution of ethics law in Louisiana, the state of the current system, the prospects for reform, and how corruption persists in spite of such supposedly tough laws.

Join us for Where the Alligators Roam this Saturday at 5 pm on KROF AM 960 either on the radio or via the live stream for this conversation with Gray Sexton.

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