Alligator Podcast: Don Clausen – The Change Agent

Don Clausen is a Lafayette-based social worker who (after 26 years in the business) is working on his Ph.D. at Jackson State University. Clausen’s unique blend of personal, professional and academic perspectives on issues ranging from society at large to the mental processes of people struggling with social disorders make him an effective problem solver and a great conversationalist.

This was actually Don’s second appearance on Where the Alligators Roam, although it was the first time the program actually made it onto the air. He was the first guess on the program back in June, but a technical issue prevented the program from airing. The topic of that first show was “Is Addiction a Disease?”

Don graciously agreed to come into the studio this holiday week and sit down again for a followup conversation on addiction. In this program we go deeper into the realm of understanding the relationship between the search for meaning in modern life and the rise of addiction. Specifically, we discuss the role society and social institutions play in driving the rise of addiction, particularly through the limited number of paths available for Americans to live lives that have meaning.

After a word from Maxine’s, we add a segment that did not appear in the broadcast. In the Podcast exclusive segment, we discuss the impact of Pope Francis on how the Catholic Church is perceived. We also talk a little high school football, some Bernie Sanders, and the nature and role of the Jesuit order within the Catholic Church.

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