Alligator Podcast: Gray Sexton on Louisiana’s Ethics Laws

Gray Sexton was the first attorney hired by the then-State Board of Ethics for Elected Officials in 1967. He and the board he worked for were charged with shaping and enforcing the state’s new Conflict of Interest Law which was then (and according to some national organizations remains) the gold standard of conflict of interest legislation among the states.

Sexton rose to administer the program until he retired in 2007 when reforms passed in the final year of the Blanco administration appeared designed, in part, to force him out of his position. After briefly serving as a consultant to the Board during the transition, Sexton left the Ethics Administration completely in 2008 after Governor Bobby Jindal convinced the legislature to reform the ethics law yet again.

Sexton believes the repeated reforms over the years have carved exceptions into the law, some of which have undermined the public’s faith in the law.

We talk about all of this, as well as whether Louisiana’s campaign finance laws are written to favor well-financed campaigns. It’s in the podcast. You can stream it, or download it.


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