Alligator Podcast: Mark Davis on Louisiana’s Complicated Relationship with Water

Louisiana has a lot of water. Too much in some places sometime. Too little in other places at other times. We’ve got bayous, lakes, rivers and streams. And we’ve got aquifers below the ground that provide drinking water for large segments of our state’s population. Then, there is the Gulf of Mexico which is creeping further north as our wetlands recede and sea levels rise.

Mark Davis knows as much about water as anyone in Louisiana. He’s the head of Tulane’s Institute on Water Resources Law & Policy and a member of the committee that is helping to draft Louisiana’s first water code — the legal framework that might be able to help ensure that we can keep some if not most of the good water we have here.

It’s an important issue and an informative interview.

This is the interview that was recorded on Wednesday, June 8, 2016, and aired on KROF AM 960 on Saturday, June 11.


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