Fighting to Enlist Medical Marijuana in the War v. Opioid Addiction

Tony Landry is a Navy veteran who injured his back while serving his country. The chronic pain he suffered as a result was treated by VA doctors with legally prescribed opioids which lost their effectiveness over time.

Tony turned to alcohol to help suppress the pain that the opioids no longer did. He was popping over the counter anti-inflammatory medicine as well.

In desperation, he turned to cannaboids made from hemp. He found relief from the legal balms and tinctures made from the oils derived from the hemp plant.

He began exploring Louisiana’s medical marijuana laws and found them to be overly restrictive. The six doctors are licensed to prescribe medical marijuana in Louisiana and those doctors are limited to 100 patients each.

Tony Landry is working to broaden Louisiana’s Medical Marijuana laws in the current session of the Louisiana Legislature through a group he formed — Louisiana Veterans for Medical Cannabis.

In this podcast, Tony talks about his history of dealing with back pain, the relief he’s found, and how Louisiana could learn from other states that have taken a more enlightened approach to medical marijuana.