Alligator Podcast: “Is Addiction a Disease?” A Discussion with Don Clausen


Don Clausen is a forensic social worker based in Lafayette, Louisiana. For the past 26 years, he has worked with those battling drug and alcohol addictions. He has also had his own fight. Don is a native of Franklin, Louisiana. His MSW is from Southern University in New Orleans. He is working on his Ph.D. in Social Work at Jackson State University in Jackson, Mississippi.

Clausen and Stagg
Where the Alligators Roam, Show #1

2 thoughts on “Alligator Podcast: “Is Addiction a Disease?” A Discussion with Don Clausen

  1. I am happy I went back to listen to your first podcast on addiction. I believe it is necessary so that you can tie the second interview with Don Clausen. It was refreshing to hear that there are responsible drinkers and some that can’t drink at all. Don Clausen knew his facts and he is right that having meaning in your life is a huge player in happiness and self medicating. Good interview

    1. I am glad that I went back and listened to your first interview with Don Clausen. It cleared up questions I had about the 2nd interview. His aproach to acholism was a new approach to the you can never drink again. Some cannot but some are situational. The reference to you have to love yourself first holds the key to many substance abuse. Kodos for mentioning Uber!

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